Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Voice For The People

Street art is so much more than just pretty colors on a wall to decorate the neighborhoods of the affluent and I hope that this has come across throughout my posts. Street art is actually being used in really powerful ways, as it gives those who may not have political or social status a venue to voice their opinion. This platform lends itself for subversive messages; after all, it is a medium created in subversive environments. 
Artists lend their creativity to the community, which is how they voice their discontent on various socio-economic and political topics. You can really take the temperature of a place based on the context of its murals. 

An artist who goes by the name of LUSHSUX has painted what some considered a very scandalous mural of Democratic Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton, dressed in a one piece bathing suit and U.S. Dollars sticking out from under the suit, in stripper-like style. It was deemed so scandalous that the artist was threatened with a council fine by the City of Melbourne. He responded cleverly by painting a niqab to cover her body.

Here is a video of his response to the allegations his mural was indecent. I thought this was an excellent example of the incredible power street art has to bring attention to social and political issues of the moment.  
To quote Banksy: "If graffiti changed anything, it would be illegal.” Street art will remain a vital instrument of protest to bring about social change for communities of people who have no voice.

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